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PPI complaints deadline date is 29 August 2019 – if you have not started the complaints process before the deadline we are unable to assist you

Thank you for your interest in our PPI claims service. The claims deadline was 29th August 2019, so it is no longer possible to start the claims process. As a general rule we are not accepting new enquires at this time

However, there are exceptional circumstances where we may be able to assist you. If you started the claims process before the deadline and you need assistance with your claims we may be able to help, if exceptional circumstances apply

Some examples of exceptional circumstances may be helpful

You contacted a lender before the deadline, but they have not been able to locate your finances

You contacted a Claims Management Company before the deadline, but they do not accept a client if the client lives overseas

You contacted a Claims Management Company before the deadline, but they are no longer trading or are planning to cease trading

You have received a Final Decision Letter from a lender, who has time barred your claim because they sent an annual review letter to you more than three years previously

You have received a Final Decision Letter from a lender who has declined your claim and the Final Decision letter is dated within the past 6 months – these cases are urgent as a 6 month deadline applies

You have received a Final Decision Letter from a lender, who has declined your claim, but the PPI policy is still in force and you live overseas – or the PPI policy continued for a period after you emigrated

You have received a Final Decision Letter from a lender, who has made a partial offer – lenders are making offers based on a Plevin payment and these offers are limited to the excess of commission and profit share above 50% of the PPI premiums, plus interest – if you have received an offer based on a Plevin payment we may be able to advise you of your options – please note that a claim for a full refund of PPI and the interest may involve the possibility of your claim going through a court process, but it will depend on your individual circumstances as some claims will be settled without the need to be presented in court

If you started the claims process before the deadline and any of the above examples apply to you send an email with brief details to:


If exceptional circumstance apply to any of your claims we will endeavour to assist you

The PPI Team at PPI Advice Ltd

The other information shown on this website only applies to complaints that started before the deadline

If you have ever borrowed money, such as a personal loan, credit card, overdraft, store card, mortgage or business loan it is possible you were mis-sold payment protection insurance – PPI. The protection was promoted to ensure borrowers had the means to continue meeting debt repayments if certain events such as sickness, accident or unemployment were encountered. Whilst designed to cover borrowers it also protected lenders, as it ensured debts were more likely to be repaid.

It is now recognised that PPI was mis-sold on an industrial scale, and for many decades. The main culprits were high street banks. In addition lenders such as credit card companies, finance houses, building societies, leasing companies, catalogues, car dealerships, hire purchase lenders, department stores and other retailers were equally to blame. We fight any claim against these types of lenders, but it is predominantly banks and credit card issuers where we find PPI was mis-sold.

Firms selling PPI were paid significant commissions so there was considerable incentive to promote them. Lenders employed various tactics to get their customers to have the protection. It is possible you may not have been eligible for a policy, yet the sales adviser failed to tell you. We see cases where our client did not need insurance as they were already protected by their employer’s benefits, or had other resources they could rely on.

Some of our clients wanted the protection being offered by PPI but were not provided with sufficient detail to make an informed decision. Other clients have complained they felt under pressure to accept the insurance, or risk losing the finance. Borrowers have even told us they were not made aware that PPI was being added to their finances. We have seen cases where our client advised they did not want PPI but the lender still added it to their finances. And the protection on offer could have been unsuitable for a variety of reasons. Whatever your situation we examine the circumstances of the sale and seek to demonstrate how you were mis-sold.

We are dedicated to pursuing financial claims for our clients and specialise in PPI. We work on a No Win – No Fee basis and at a highly competitive rate, just 15% plus VAT, making a total of 18% of the net compensation awarded.

Clients living outside the European Union and the UK are not charged VAT so the fee we charge is 15% of the net compensation awarded.

We treat all of our clients with equal importance and campaign vigorously on their behalf. We do all we can to alleviate the burden of paperwork, provide regular updates by email and review the compensation on offer. If you are seeking experienced PPI claims management, a first-rate service and a low fee you can start the claims process by selecting ‘I Want To Claim’.


Compensation for borrowers


It is thanks to the efforts of the Citizens Advice Bureau that PPI mis-selling is no longer tolerated. Their stalwart campaigning and comprehensive reports finally put an end to the malpractice. As a consequence financial firms have had to set aside billions of pounds to compensate those who were affected. The average amount paid in compensation is approximately £2,000 per claim.

In August 2019 a total of £391.6 million was paid in compensation to people who were mis-sold PPI. To date over £36.8 billion has been paid to innocent victims and this will continue to increase over the coming months and years. These figures are produced by The Financial Conduct Authority and are issued a few months in arrears. When The Financial Conduct Authority release the latest figures we update the amounts on our website.

Our services are offered on a No Win – No Fee basis, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can find out if PPI was added to your finances, check to see how the firm was promoting the insurance, establish and then present the grounds for a formal complaint. We also review the compensation to ensure the amount offered is a fair reflection of your financial loss. To receive the application forms, via email or post, click on the blue button ‘I Want To Claim’. If it does not open go to the dropdown menu, top of this page, and select ‘I Want To Claim’.

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Making a claim


For those who have not yet made a claim there are various options, identified as follows:

Do Nothing                                                                                                               


If you were not informed that PPI was being added to your finances then it is unlikely that you know you had it in place. Therefore you may think this issue does not apply to you. For peace of mind we will find out if PPI was added to any of your credit and carefully manage each stage of the process.

We recognise time is precious. You could be working full or part time, or looking after children or an elderly relative. Some of us are very busy doing all three! If your free time is limited we can undertake your claims and relieve you from the tiresome administration involved.

If you wanted your borrowings to be protected and decided to buy a policy you may feel you are not entitled to make a claim. If these are your circumstances, we appreciate you may decide not to claim. However, you should be aware that PPI was not underwritten at the point of sale, but when a benefit claim is made. You could well have thought you were covered in the event of an accident, sickness, unemployment or death. But it is not until a claim is presented that you would discover if benefits would be paid. Exclusions applied to all policies. For this reason it is worth investigating if you paid premiums unnecessarily, or if a more appropriate policy was available.



Claim Yourself

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your bank, and if your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.


There are many websites providing guidance on making a claim in respect of a mis-sold policy. Interestingly, few of them refer to the millions of PPI claims that have been rejected by firms and subsequently referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).


Some free websites offer a template letter for you to work from. You may find none of the factors they mention are relevant to your circumstances and therefore believe you are unable to claim. This is a situation we seek to avoid. We examine our client’s circumstances and seek to include all relevant complaint points.


Your claim may need to be made to the Financial Ombudsman Service, if it is rejected by the lender. You must make a complaint to the lender before it can be sent to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You may need to send your complaint to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, if the lender is no longer trading.



Ask Us To Claim On Your Behalf

Experience tells us that many firms who mis-sold PPI are rejecting genuine claims. The Ombudsman service had received 2,000,000 PPI cases by January 2019 and more complaints will have arrived since then. It is no wonder that individuals are concerned about making a claim. We have no way of knowing the number of people who have claimed themselves, been rejected by the policy seller and simply accepted their decision. Yet that decision could be incorrect.

According to its latest Annual Report, ending 31st March 2019, the Ombudsman ruled in the customer’s favour in 21% of PPI cases during the current year. In a previous Annual Report the figure for PPI complaints resolved in favour of the consumer was 52% – this is evidence that firms have made decisions within their complaints handling process which were subsequently overturned.

In terms of new PPI complaints sent to the Ombudsman it is Claims Managers, such as us, that account for 80% of the total, based on the report issued in 2018. Whereas people who complained themselves only account for 17% of the total. The next Annual Report, ending 31st March 2020, will be published on the Financial Ombudsman website. Once the report is released we will update the figures on this website.


Our approach to PPI claims is different. In the first instance we seek point-of-sale documents (if the lender has retained them) and check pertinent aspects with you. Armed with the full picture we send a comprehensive complaint letter, itemising relevant points.

If the claim is rejected, because complaint points have been inadequately dealt with or ignored completely, we can approach the firm again and seek a satisfactory response. After we have exhausted the firm’s complaint procedures we can refer your complaint to the Ombudsman.

We complete the Ombudsman’s questionnaire on our clients’ behalf based on the information they provide. At eleven pages long it can be a time consuming exercise. It is a key reason why some people do not pursue their claim. However, to us it is merely another step in the process; a step nearer to a successful conclusion.

Cases sent to the Ombudsman service are reviewed in the first instance by an Adjudicator. If their decision is incomplete we can seek an alternative response from a fully-fledged Ombudsman. Understanding we will pursue your claim through all the stages, if necessary, is justification for our fee.

Do you know someone who has claimed themselves – and been rejected? Are you looking for specialist support and to alleviate some of the paperwork? Would you prefer your claim to be handled professionally by knowledgeable experts? Want to know that every effort will be made to ensure a positive outcome? If any of these factors apply to your claim then you have found the right firm. We look forward to hearing from you and achieving financial redress through appropriate compensation.

We aim to make the whole process simple and straight forward and that includes the initial paperwork. To start the claims process click on the blue button ‘I Want To Claim’ or select ‘I Want To Claim’ at the foot of this page.

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