Making a claim


For those who have not yet made a claim you have various options which we identify as follows.


Do Nothing

If you were not informed that PPI was being added to your borrowing then it is unlikely that you know you had it in place. Therefore you may think this issue does not apply to you. For peace of mind we will be pleased to find out on your behalf if PPI was added to any of your credit and then carefully manage each stage of the process as it arises.

You might be looking after children or an elderly relative or working; and some people are very busy doing all three. We recognise that time is precious and are pleased to action a complaint on your behalf.

It is possible you did want your borrowings to be protected and decided to buy a policy for peace of mind. In which case making a claim feels wrong. If these are your circumstances we appreciate such sentiments. What you should bear in mind is that PPI as not underwritten at the point of sale but when a claim is made. You could well have thought you were covered in the event of an accident, sickness, unemployment or death. Not until a claim is presented would you discover if benefits would be paid. Exclusions applied to all policies and for this reason it is worth investigating if you paid premiums unnecessarily or if a more appropriate policy was available.



Claim Yourself

There is a wealth of websites providing guidance on making a claim in respect of a mis-sold PPI policy. Interestingly few of them, if any, refer to the million plus claims that have been rejected by firms and subsequently presented to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). These websites are free and offer a template letter for you to work from. You may find none of the factors they mention are relevant to your circumstances. And therefore believe you are unable to claim. This is a situation we seek to avoid. We examine your actual circumstances in detail and include all relevant complaint points.

Those of you wanting advice prior to making a claim yourself are welcome to contact us for help and guidance. Please telephone us or send an email and we will explain how you should approach the process.


Ask Us To Claim On Your Behalf

Experience tells us that genuine claims are being rejected by firms who sold PPI policies. With over a million rejected cases received by the FOS it is no wonder that individuals are concerned about making a claim. Unfortunately we do not know the number of people who have claimed themselves, been rejected by the policy seller and then accepted their decision. Yet that decision could so easily be an incorrect outcome. According to its latest Annual Report, ending 31st March 2014, the FOS ruled in the customer’s favour in 65% of cases. We can therefore confidently state firms are making decisions in their complaints handling process which are subsequently overturned.

Our approach to claims is very different to the way you are likely to proceed. In the first instance we seek all point-of-sale documents and check various aspects with you. We also analyse the policy wording and see how these impacted on your ability to claim benefits under the scheme. Once armed with the full picture we then send a comprehensive letter of complaint itemising all relevant points.

If the complaint is not upheld and complaint points have been inadequately dealt with, or ignored completely, then we approach the firm for a satisfactory response.

Only after we have exhausted the firm’s complaint procedures do we present the matter to the FOS.

We complete FOS forms on client’s behalf; although we do seek any missing information from you where necessary. At eleven pages long it can be a time consuming exercise; and a reason why some people do not pursue their claim. But to us it is merely another step in the process; a step nearer to a successful conclusion.

Cases sent to the FOS are reviewed by an Adjudicator in the first instance. If their decision is, in our opinion, incomplete we can seek an alternative response from a Senior Adjudicator or a fully-fledged Ombudsman.

Knowing we will pursue your claim through all five stages, if necessary, is how we justify our fee.