If you are a British Expat, or Non UK National who has resided in the UK for an extended period, there is a high probability that you arranged finances whilst you were living in Britain. It may have been a credit card, loan or mortgage; and for some people it might have included all three. Even though you no longer reside in the UK it is still possible to make a claim that you were mis-sold a payment protection insurance (PPI) policy.

A PPI policy may have been added to your finances when it was inappropriate for your circumstances, or PPI could have been attached to your finances without you knowing. Some policies were unsuitable, and in other instances the borrower was ineligible for PPI. Lenders may have applied undue pressure to accept their insurance, or the sales process may not have followed the rules and regulations that applied. Other clients of ours were not provided with a choice, as PPI was a mandatory condition. To date we have found more than thirty different reasons why our clients were mis-sold PPI, and the list of contraventions is still growing.

You can of course make a claim for mis-selling yourself. However, after carefully considering the factors involved, you may well decide on seeking expert advice. If you would prefer your claims to be managed by experienced professionals who specialise in this sector we will be pleased to assist you.

Benefits to you of allowing us to process your PPI claims.

There are many benefits to be gained from using our services, and these have more significance if you now live Overseas. By appointing us to manage your claims the advantages are as follows:


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